Our new COMENIUS – project has been launched!

The aim of the project is to cooperate with other partner schools from Le Havre (France), Orimattila (Finland), Borgo San Lorenzo (Italy) and Essen (Germany) to exchange our knowledge about our hometown, country and culture.

Our COMENIUS group:Klasse

Many students of grade 9 work on different tasks, e.g. about German history, geography, politics, and maybe othertypical German habits. They are looking forward to the presentations of the other schools that are involved in the project to learn more abouttheir partner countries

.Our first meeting took place in Borgo San Lorenzo (region Florence) at our coordinating school Liceo Giotto Ulivi  from October16th – 20th  2006.The students and teachers representatives from MLK School were Svenja Schmitz (class 9c), Nina Schönkopf (class 9a), Mrs Habel and Mrs Wilhelm.Teachers and students enjoyed having the chance to get to know the Italian school system as well as culture and living habits. They all enjoyed the Italian way of life, loved the fantastic sights, the best pizza they’ve ever had and the friendliness of their hosts.

Here are some impressions:



European landscapes for the young generations


B 4

Svenja filming our group in Liceo Giotto Ulivi

The cathedral in Florence is impressive (the shops too!)

Pizza is ordered. In Italy it´s much bigger!

Wonderful landscape!

German lesson with a native speaker.

The Comenius – group

Von Barbara Wilhelm

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